Firmware Update

AstrHori FE 85mm F1.8 lens firmware upgrade steps:

1. Connect the PC and the lens with a Micro USB data cable.
2. The PC will find a U disk named: ASTRHORI.
3. On the AstrHori official website: https://xxxxxxx, download the corresponding lens upgrade firmware file: AstrHori_FE_85mm_F1.8_Vx.xx.dat
4. Copy the downloaded lens upgrade file to the U disk named "ASTRHORI".
5. Wait for the file to be copied, unplug the data cable, and then reconnect it to the PC. Use the Notepad program to open the README.TXT file under the U disk, and you can see the record of whether the lens upgrade is successful. If the upgrade is not successful, "Application Version: "The content after the colon is blank, and the APP version number will be displayed if the upgrade is successful.
If the upgrade is unsuccessful, you need to check whether the downloaded upgrade file is correct (strictly corresponding to the lens model), and then repeat steps 1...5 until it succeeds.

Example of the content of the readme.txt file:
Firmware File:AstrHori_FE_85mm_F1.8_V1.00.dat, Size:182.272K
File Creation Time/Date:11:58:04/2022-11-07

Device Model:AstrHori FE 85mm F1.8
Application Version: V1.0
Hardware Version: V1.0
Dfu Version: V1.0
Build: 2022-11-07 11:57:55