AstrHori Macro Photography Challenge 2024

AstrHori Macro Photography Challenge 2024

The Brief

Welcome to the #astrhorimacro macro photography challenge!

Macro photography is a magical art form that transforms ordinary subjects into extraordinary visual feasts, presenting tiny details vividly. In this competition, we invite you to step into the marvelous world of tiny lives and experience the unique charm of macro photography.

In this contest, you will have the opportunity to showcase your photography skills and creativity by capturing the minute and exquisite details of nature from a macro perspective. Let's use our hearts to feel the tenacity and beauty of those tiny lives, allowing the camera to capture every magical moment.

Whether it's a hard-working bee collecting nectar or the delicate texture of plants, each could become a gem under your lens. We look forward to your participation and works in this competition, anticipating the surprises and emotions you bring.

Let's explore the mysteries of the microscopic world together, capturing these tiny and precious moments through our lenses, and jointly creating an immersive macro photography feast!

This competition is operated by AstrHori and Sponsored by Accsoon.


Accsoon is a leading iOS and wireless video company. It was the originator of Wi-Fi based professional video monitoring systems and the first to develop a low cost MFi-certified HDMI interface for iOS.


How to enter the competition?

Entries must be submitted via any of the following methods:

  • Via Facebook: Must follow the Facebook page (@AstrHori, @Accsoon) and post recent macro photos with the tag #astrhorimacro.
  • Via Instagram: Must follow IG accounts (@AstrHori, @Accsoontech) and post recent macro photos and tag #astrhorimacro.

Each contestant can submit multiple works, but each work can only be submitted once.
The work can be shot using any photography equipment, including professional equipment, non-professional equipment, etc.
It is prohibited to submit fake works such as AI creation, non-real photography, etc.


  • Starts at: Apr 10, 2024, 11:59 PM GMT+8
  • Ends at: Jun 10, 2024, 11:59 PM GMT+8

Selection and awards

  • In line with the theme of the competition
  • abide by competition rules
  • Detail presentation and clarity
  • Composition and visual effects
  • Creativity and originality
The works will be selected according to the above five aspects.

    Selection will be judged by organizers and sponsors.
    Contest winner will be announced on June 25, 2024 on Organizer and Sponsor’s Instagram and Facebook.
    The competition has five preset award categories and a total of nine winners will be awarded.
    The winner of the competition or the photographer with outstanding performance will have the opportunity to become a cooperative photographer of the organizer and sponsor, and enjoy early trial and experience opportunities of new products.

    The Prize

    A chance to win up to $2500 USD 

    1st Place:(one winner)
    • Accsoon TopRig S60  $399.
    • AstrHori 85mm f2.8 T/S Macro Lens (Full Frame)    $329.
    • AstrHori 10mm f8II Wide-angle Fisheye Lens (APS-C)  $79.
    • AstrHori Amazon OFF:25% (one order only)
    • AstrHori Shopify OFF: 25% (one order only)
    • Total:> $807

    2nd Place: (one winner)
    • Accsoon TopRig S40 $349.
    • AstrHori 25mm f2.8 Ultra Macro Lens (Full frame)  $249.
    • AstrHori 10mm f8I Wide-angle Fisheye Lens (APS-C)  $59.
    • AstrHori Amazon OFF: 20% (one order only)
    • AstrHori Shopify OFF: 20% (one order only)
    • Total:> $657

    3rd Place: (one winner)
    • Accsoon SeeMo 4K  $179.
    • AstrHori 50mm f1.4 Tilt Lens (Full Frame)  $259.
    • AstrHori 10mm f8I Wide-angle lens fisheye Lens (APS-C)  $59.
    • AstrHori Amazon OFF: 15 % (one product only)
    • AstrHori Shopify OFF: 15% (one order only)
    • Total: > $497

    Excellent Creative Award: (three winners)
    • Accsoon SeeMo  $149.
    • AstrHori 50mm f2 (Full Frame)  $79.
    • AstrHori 10mm f8I Wide-angle Fisheye Lens (APS-C)  $59.
    • AstrHori Amazon OFF: 10% (one order only)
    • AstrHori Shopify OFF: 10% (one order only)
    • Total: $287

    Honorable Mention :(three winners)
    • Accsoon CineView Nano  $129.
    • AstrHori 10mm f8I Wide-angle Fisheye Lens (APS-C) $59.
    • AstrHori Amazon OFF: 10% (one order only)
    • AstrHori Shopify OFF: 10% (one order only)
    • Total: > $188

      Content restrictions

      Submissions must not contain content that violates any rights of any party (including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or personnel rights).
      Submissions must not disparage the Sponsor or any other individual or any brand group in any way.
      Submissions must not contain inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, infringing, defamatory, slanderous or defamatory content.
      Submissions must not contain content that promotes prejudice, racial discrimination, hatred or harm against any group or individual, or content that incites discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
      Submitted works must not contain content that is illegal, infringes upon or violates the laws, regulations or social ethics of any jurisdiction in which the submitted work was created.
      Submissions must not promote illegal drugs or firearms (or the use of any of the above), any activity that appears to be unsafe or dangerous, or any particular political purpose or message.

      Other terms

      Sponsor reserves the right to cancel or modify the competition when the number of entries received does not meet the minimum judging criteria.
      Each contestant must ensure the authenticity of the submitted work and guarantee the exclusive ownership of the work.
      Participants agree that the organizer will promote, display and use the submitted works without additional compensation.
      The organizer reserves the right to require any third party involved in the submitted work to provide a consent form/authorization for the use of portrait rights.
      The above rules are designed to ensure the fairness, transparency, and standardization of the competition. If participants have any questions or suggestions, please contact the organizers in a timely manner.


      About AstrHori

       AstrHori will adhere to the innovative and creative concept to bring creative, fun and high-quality photography-related products to the majority of users.


      🙌 Join the AstrHori Macro FB discussion group to get more details and progress of the macro photography competition!

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